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What does every child need? . . . . .

Yes, they need food, clothing, shelter, education and love.
There are a number of children who do not have parents or any family members to provide the basic necessity for them. They depend on the kindness and compassion of people like YOU!

The Angel of Hope Project was designed to assist children who have been abandoned or orphaned by their families and that have the needs as mentioned above.
The project provides food, clothing, infrastructural work, school supplies and other assistance that might be needed and that can be accessed by Food For The Poor to that two (2) orphanages thatwere selected to be in the project, namely Joshua House in Georgetown and Camal Home in Berbice. Together approximately 100 children have been benefiting from the project since its inception in 2005.

Without these two (2) orphanages, these children would be faced with the horrors of living on the streets and at the same time being exposed to abuse, neglect and much worse.

Here is an opportunity for you to share and care by supporting this project. By making a donation to this project you will be helping to provide food, clothing, shelter, etc and at the same time showing these children that there are still people out there cares for them.

So help us rescue and care for as many children as possible with your generous donation whether financially or in kind.
You will be helping the growth and development of them mentally, physically and at the same time letting them know that they are special and important.