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The Government of Guyana, through the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, is responsible for this Centre. The Government is making every effort to make the Centre as self sufficient as practicable through various income earning agricultural projects. Food For The Poor (Guy) Inc assisted the Ministry in their Self Sustainability programme by implementing the KKTC Chicken Project.

The Project resulted in the construction of a chicken coop. Additionally, Food For The Poor (Guy) Inc donated 600 broiler chicks, 82 bags of feed, 30 packs of vitamins and a plucking machine to the Centre. The project was estimated at over $2.7 million GYD. Food For The Poor(Guy) Inc constructed 31 Food For The Poor houses for 31 less fortunate families in regions 2 (Tapakuma and Capoey), 3 (Recht Door Zee, Parfaite Harmonie) and 4 (Sophia and Goedverwagting). as part of our General Housing Project. Our FFP houses are wooden, 20x 15, two bedroom houses.

These families previously lived in trying conditions and could not afford to build a home. Food For The Poor(Guy) Inc expended over $2 million GYD to assist these families. Food For The Poor (Guy) Inc projects for 2010 amounted to an estimated $125 465 616 GYD to assist and empower the less fortunate citizens of our nation.