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Food For The Poor and Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited
collaborate to build nine homes for underprivileged families.
Five families are now the proud recipients of new two- bedroom homes complete with sanitation facilities while work continues on the remaining four.
The homes were built by Food For The Poor (Guyana) Incorporated in collaboration with Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited and are located in Diamond\Grove, East Bank Demerara, Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice and Lot 59 Johanna North, Black Bush Polder, Corentyne Coast and is a part of FFTP’S effort to improve the living conditions of the less fortunate in the ten regions of our country. FFTP’S housing project consists of two-bedroom wooden structures constructed free of cost for very poor families and approximately 3000 houses have been built so far in various districts of our nation.
Speaking at the handing over ceremony of one of the homes to Deonarine Shewpersaud of Black Bush Polder, Corentyne Coast, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FFTP Kent Vincent said that the organization was committed to helping the poor in our country and is extremely grateful for the assistance afforded by Republic Bank in the construction of the homes. He further stated that FFTP is a ministry to the poor and depends on businesses and individuals for donations to realize projects of this nature. He informed the gathering that FFTP intends to build  no less than 120 houses this year and appealed to  corporate society to assist in making this a reality.
Speaking on behalf of the bank, Harry Dass Ghannes, Manager, Rose Hall Branch said that the bank has  been serving areas and making donations not only to FFTP but  also contributes significantly to sports and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’S). He said that the bank was very happy to be associated with the housing project and would be pleased to continue in the future.
Mr. Shewpersaud 58 and father of two, thanked FFTP and Republic Bank for making life comfortable for his family. He said that the family lived under deplorable conditions before the acquisition of his home and he was extremely thankful for the generosity of Republic Bank and FFTP.
In an invited comment, Bhopaul Jagroo, Region 6 Vice Chairman praised FFTP for their tremendous assistance to the poor and said that whenever FFTP assists the poor they help the communities in which they build. Four more families are to benefit from the collaborative effort of FFTP and Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited.

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