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Rajindra Persaud was struggling to provide adequate shelter for his wife and two young children when we met him in March, 2017. The family lived in a small one room 10′ x 10′ structure which belonged to a relative and was formerly a shop.  The structure lacked ventilation, the roof leaked and it flooded when it rained; additionally, there were no sanitary facilities. Rajindra works as a cane harvester earning a meager income of G$ 48,000 per month which was insufficient to adequately maintain the family and construct a home. Rajindra dreamt of having a safe and secure home of his own however his limited income prevented him from making his dreams a reality.

In August, 2017, Rajindra realised his dream of home ownership when Food for the Poor constructed a two bedroom house with adequate ventilation and indoor sanitary facilities.

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